Audio Works & Podcasts

Audio stories:

(2022) ‘Ghost Tunes’ international collaborative concept album commissioned for UK/Australia Season at Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Art. Collaboration with Mei Swan Lim on tracks ‘Birak 1-4’ (four tracks total 10 mins). Total album length 40 mins.

(2021) ‘Dampland‘ (8 mins) commissioned for Love In Bright Landscapes at PICA (sound artist Mei Swan Lim)

(2021) ‘Watershed’ (13 mins) commissioned for Refuge 2021 by Arts House Melbourne (sound artist Theo McMahon, voice recordist Mei Swan Lim)

(2019) ‘Float’ (7 mins) in ‘Deep Heritage’ at Cool Change Contemporary (sound artist Mei Swan Lim)

(2019) ‘Riverland‘ in Five Short Blasts Fremantle commissioned by Perth Festival (total artwork time 70 mins)


(2022) Guest on ‘New Scientist Weekly’: #159 Aboriginal stories describe ancient climate change and sea level rise in Australia

(2020) Guest on ‘Little Yarns’ for ABC Kids Listen: Whale In Noongar, Honey Possum in Noongar, Shore in Noongar

Click here or on the Little Yarns picture below for the educator and teacher’s notes for utilising the Little Yarns podcast in the classroom.