Talks, Panels + Podcasts


(2022) ‘Digital Sovereignty’ at BLEED ECHO for Arts House

Featured Speaker/Performer

(2023) ‘Spider Burrows’ at Ghost Tunes Residency Performance produced by Counterflows (UK)

(2023) ‘Silk Clocks: A Being in the World that is Soft, Strong, and Stretchy’ for Marrugeku lab ‘Dance And Cultural Dramaturgies In Contested Land

(2022) ‘Embodied Climate Knowledges’ presentation at Hot & Bothered for Science Gallery International

(2021) ‘Cometland’ –  a creative non-fiction piece commissioned for the Nocturnal Art series and performed at Fremantle Arts Centre

(2020) ‘Melting Mammoths’ – a talk on arts funding and Woolly Mammoths at the Hatched exhibition launch at PICA


(2024) ‘Climate Action Through Art’ panel for Creative Conversations by Perth Festival

(2024) ‘‘As the spider extends its web, one’s destiny unfolds’: The Cultural Value of Spiders‘ for Kaori Nagai’s Rethinking Fables in the Age of Global Environmental Crisis (video below)

(2022) ‘Dark Quiet’ panel event for Siteworks Laboratorium Talks at Bunandon

(2022) ‘Earth is in Time on Time’ panel with Professor Will Steffen at ANAT SPECTRA 2022: Multiplicity

(2021) ‘End Game: Adaptation, Regeneration & Strategies for Survival‘ – final panel in the ‘Tipping Point’ series at WA Museum Boola Bardip

(2021) ‘Myths and Narratives: Stories of Place’ – panel event responding to the ‘Love In Bright Landscapes’ exhibition at PICA

(2020) ‘Recovering From A Pandemic‘  – the final panel in the ‘Refuge Talks Series’ for Arthouse Melbourne

(2019) Panel event for the ‘Preppers’ exhibition at Fremantle Arts House. Listen to panel here.


(2024) Guest on Scitech’s Particle podcast: ‘Memories of the last ice age‘ [Elements series: Fire]

(2023) Guest on ‘New Scientist Weekly’: #159 Aboriginal stories describe ancient climate change and sea level rise in Australia

(2020) Guest on ‘Little Yarns’ for ABC Kids Listen: Whale In Noongar, Honey Possum in Noongar, Shore in Noongar

Click here for the educator and teacher’s notes for utilising the Little Yarns podcast in the classroom.

Conference presentation with both presenters on big screen on Zoom
Cass Lynch and Professor Will Steffen panel at SPECTRA LIVE (2022)
PICA Myths & Narratives panel (2021). Photo by Sophie Minissale
Group of Indigenous speakers sitting in a circle with the audience sitting around them
PICA Nyinalanginy Yarning Circle (2021). Photo by Cole Baxter
Cass Lynch reading ‘Iridium’ as part of the Preppers panel (2019). Fremantle Arts Centre.

Video: Cass Lynch discusses ancient trapdoor spiders in the Porongurup Range National Park in southern Western Australia, along with a trapdoor spider rescue and the story Ancestor about a trapdoor spider that travels to the moon. From the 55 minute mark.

Video details: Panel Title: The Cultural Value of Spiders (Jan 2024). Speakers: Nathan Morehouse (University of Cincinnati), ‘Seeing with Eight Eyes: Exploring the Visual World of Jumping Spiders’ Alberto Corsin Jimenez (ILLA-CSIC), ‘Three Spiders: Earth, Cloud, Sky’ Cass Lynch (Curtin University), ‘Aunties and uncles in the undergrowth: writing from the perspective of our more-than-human kin’. Chair: Lisa Jean Moore (SUNY). The spider fable workshop is part of the AHRC-funded project ‘Rethinking Fables in the Age of Global Environmental Crisis’ (June 2023-May 2025), led by Kaori Nagai (University of Kent).